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Hello my name is Mark Jaggers Principle Partner of Trifecta Telecom. I want to take a moment to tell you about myself and why I started Trifecta Telecom in 2007. I was a Senior Account Representative for a large Telecom provider that offered Voice, Data and Internet products in a large region of the country. I guess you could say I held my own in the selling arena but after a few years I noticed that many times my hands were tied due to limitations in one of three areas which were, Footprint, product set and cost. I knew of a couple of companies that went out on their own brokering Telecom services and it was apparent to me this was the way to go for me as well. I proceeded to go out and get contracts with all of the major Telecom carriers and began representing them in 2007 selling products such as T-1 based Internet, MPLS, Voice and Data, T-1’s, Dynamic T-1’s, PRI’s, stand alone Voice lines, Web hosting, VPN connections and more. Recently with the explosion of VoIP we have added that to the mix. We see many businesses migrating to “Hosted IP” telephone systems currently and we represent what we think are the very best carriers for VOIP.

In 2010 we started our web presence and have been focused on that piece of the business. It has allowed us to expand in places

that are not accustomed to having a one stop solution for all of their telecom needs. I believe we have brought great value to many businesses by reducing their costs and most times showing them a better, more efficient way of handling their Telecom needs.

A better solution if you will. One of the areas where we can be a big help is when a company small or medium size has no IT person. Being that the prospect pays us nothing, all they have to do is tell us what they are looking for or what they think they are looking for and leave the rest to us! Again, it costs nothing to the end user! We are compensated by the carriers. We use our leverage of business with these Telecom carriers to get the lowest cost structure for our future clients.

Additionally, we are there with our new clients for the duration of their agreement and beyond. Our customers can always pick up the phone and call us directly anytime with any questions. We strive to have and create a long term trusting relationship. This is at the heart of our business.

So please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call our toll free number or fill out the short form that will follow.






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